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With a background in high-risk regulatory solution management, operations, innovation, and human-first strategies, Courtney launched Consigliera to focus on revolutionizing mortgage servicing, by building bridges between financial institutions and the fintech community to deliver meaningful, connected, efficient solutions.

For the last decade, Courtney has been the SVP in charge of a Big Bank's best-in-class default mortgage operations team, delivering industry leading transparency into, and the strongest control environment around, the default mortgage servicing process. Passionate about servicing transformation she led the Bank’s partnerships with the fintech community through its mortgage specific fintech accelerator program.

Before Flagstar, she spent a decade in litigation, advisory, and consulting experience centered around consumer financial protection law, representing national banking institutions and non-bank servicers. Subsequently, she managed a legal team conducting comprehensive review of deficient servicing and foreclosure practices for 1 of 14 mortgage servicers subject to the OCC/OTC/FRB’s 2013 Independent Foreclosure Review.

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